5 signs that it’s time to quit

What to do if you are not left to the feeling that it is time to leave work? Where does it come from: because of the desire to move on, grow and develop, or from unwillingness to work at all? The reasoning of the business trainer Lauren Zander.

Sit at work idle, leaf through the social networks tape, look at the photos on the phone and remember the vacation adventure? “If you feel too relaxed in the office after the holidays, weekends or long leave, this is normal. But what to do if time goes, but the mood does not change?“Asks the business trainer Lauren Zander.

Perhaps every day it seems to you more and more that you have outgrown this work? Or do you feel that the level of stress and discomfort has reached the maximum? Or you finally realized that you should not do this work? As a rule, we come to these conclusions gradually. But in any case, to quit is a serious solution. We can bear it until one day something forces us to act: be it https://technophilesblog.com/10-principes-de-promiscuite-ethique/ an unexpected proposal to change the sphere of activity, emergency circumstances or scandal at work.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what I don’t like. But if you feel that you are stuck, and do not know how to get off the dead point, look at our list. If you agree with at least one of the points, then you have to think about the fact that your life is going wrong. Perhaps you really have to start developing a dismissal strategy.

1.I hate to go to work

This sensation is much stronger than „Monday is a heavy day“. If you hardly force yourself to go to work, listen to yourself and your arguments. Come to this seriously and do not let the thoughts “The work is so terrible, and I myself am not to blame for nothing” to knock you out of the way. In this case, you will change the work, but discontent will remain. Does everything depend on us? Surely there is something that we can never change.

2.Work makes me worse

Work is far from all that life consists of. There is a family, children, friends, study, adventure, hobbies, sports. It is necessary that time and energy be enough for everything, there is time and desire to do it. If you sacrifice health, marriage, relationships, personal space and emotional well -being for the sake of work, it is time to devote the time of your life.

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